Basehead v4.00

Gregor / 1 decade ago (27 February 2013 04:27)

We're proud to announce that Basehead site has a new look. After about a few months of writting whole site from the scratch we finally put this photography and art site online.


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1 decade ago (27.02.2013 05:51)
Reply by: killua

Great New Lookin {#smileys_dlg.clap}, but i couldn't Log in by E mail

1 decade ago (28.02.2013 09:28)
Reply by: MountainHawk

{#smileys_dlg.Congratulation}I think it looks pretty promising except it needs its mainpage back like it had and Skinbase has. Just my opinion

1 decade ago (28.02.2013 02:52)
Reply by: D Man

I can not sign in or get the email for my pass etc which i know what it is it just wont let me in and can not sign up with a new name as both my email addys are in the system so it said

1 decade ago (03.03.2013 01:28)
Reply by: FredNunes

I like the look!

1 decade ago (03.03.2013 09:49)
Reply by: MountainHawk

{#smileys_dlg.Amazed}I concur with Killua and D Man

1 decade ago (04.03.2013 06:40)
Reply by: sed

WE NEED these opinions-- Front page IS all new stuff - just new cotributors Photos and walls

1 decade ago (04.03.2013 06:41)
Reply by: sed

As for the logins I been down for 36 hrs here so I will go see

1 decade ago (07.03.2013 07:33)
Reply by: sed

D-Man has been fixed--------------------

Come on over and add to the best!!

1 decade ago (14.06.2013 04:54)
Reply by: teddybearcholla

I signed up some time ago, but can't log in. Tried saying I forgot my password, and then the site said they sent an email with it. No email.