Cannot select a Catagory when trying to upload

stramp / 1 decade ago (18 September 2012 05:03)

Everytime i try to upload the section will not let me chose a catagory for upload, it disappears everytime I move the cursor over the selection area. I can enter all other functions such as the file to be uploaded & preview , description etc.. tho & submit but no catagory! No probs elsewhere EXCEPT Desktop_art. Have all updates & this site is in trusted section. Cry

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1 decade ago (20.09.2012 01:09)
Reply by: sed

One of the NEW things never fixed.....

You have to use your UP-DOWN arrows then punch ENTER on your keyboard Same with giving stars Cool

1 decade ago (20.09.2012 07:44)
Reply by: MountainHawk

All I do is refresh and it comes right!

1 decade ago (08.06.2013 02:40)
Reply by: stramp

We should have a Book of Secret shortcuts! But my stars work, they only come out at night! LOLSealed