Computer Safety

D Man / 7 years ago (14 July 2012 07:03)

Hello Kids today we will go through and have a litle computer safety class lol.

Ok so everything I post be sure to use the free versions only.

I have been using these for years and may of my friends have as well .

No need to pay for things to much free stuff outthere just have to be careful.

So here we go.

Antivirus use Avast get the free version


Ok firewal if using windows 7 the stock one is fine if not use Comodo free version as well


Ok maleware etc Use Superantispyware it wil clean all kinds of problems out and use the free version as well


Registry cleaner etc good to clean things up Ccleaner

Browsers there are wto i use Firefox and Comodo Dragon which is google chrome but with al the safety concerns fixeed and al plugins etc for chrome work in it 

Comotdo Dragon


Ok tat should do it for now and remember they are all free   

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7 years ago (14.07.2012 08:37)
Reply by: sed

Keep the list updated --- All can upload their fave freebee here too Laughing

7 years ago (14.07.2012 09:07)
Reply by: jimbo9294

[quote]Keep the list updated --- All can upload their fave freebee here too Laughing[/quote]

Great Post, Dman!

Can I suggest, Adding links to the post. {#smileys_dlg.Congratulation}

7 years ago (14.07.2012 09:36)
Reply by: sed

Jimbo.............. Click on the WORD its in there! (LINKs that is)

7 years ago (14.07.2012 09:56)
Reply by: jimbo9294


Had a brain fart, Sed.



7 years ago (15.07.2012 06:29)
Reply by: etype2

Good information, good post. I have been using CC Cleaner for years.

Most Internet Service Providers give you a free, complete suite of virus software when you sign up. In my case, McAfee or Norton or Kapersky.{#smileys_dlg.Happy}

7 years ago (18.07.2012 12:53)
Reply by: MountainHawk

I use SuperAntiSpyware and have for years....I use Remove it Pro in conjunction with it. Anything hanging around after I run Remove it Pro...check what it finds though as it does not like things like logon studio or some webcam software. just uncheck those boxes. MalwareBytes Anti Spyware is good too. All available from


Kasperskys or Nod32 are good virus scanners and firewalls. Cheaper than Norton and more effective than Norton. Much smaller footprint on your resources than Norton. Stopped using Norton 2004 when it locked me out of my computer with that soppy Ghost thing and I had to get a tech to fix it. Norton in my view is a have!{#smileys_dlg.Congratulation}

7 years ago (18.07.2012 12:57)
Reply by: MountainHawk

I still use Firefox...see no point in changing. I'm on version 13.No problems with it at all. Anything google linked I avoid as google spies....and loads tracking cookies on. I like to go where I like and not where google tells me.