...and the Winner is

jimbo9294 / 1 decade ago (30 June 2012 07:02)

I want to thank everyone who participated in the contest.

There was a total of 17 entries.
The contest has ended. 

Go to the Facebook Timeline Gallery page.

And view all of the entries in the contest.
Choose your favorite and come back to this post and place your vote.
Remeber to vote only once and no voting for yourself. Wink
Have fun. 

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1 decade ago (09.07.2012 07:38)
Reply by: killua
Congratulations Marshall Congratulation:
1 decade ago (09.07.2012 08:47)
Reply by: etype2

It was fun trying to be creative with the Facebook Timeline Banners. Thank you guys, for your comments, favs, stars and votes. I appreciate it. {#smileys_dlg.Happy}{#smileys_dlg.Booming love}

1 decade ago (10.07.2012 02:37)
Reply by: Sommerwind

Congratulations, Marshall! {#smileys_dlg.clap} {#smileys_dlg.Wishes with flowers}  {#smileys_dlg.Booming love}

1 decade ago (10.07.2012 08:00)
Reply by: etype2

Thanks Antje. {#smileys_dlg.Happy}{#smileys_dlg.Booming love}

1 decade ago (10.07.2012 07:23)
Reply by: adni18

Check here: [LINK] Happy

1 decade ago (10.07.2012 07:24)
Reply by: adni18

[LINK]" target="_blank">[LINK]

1 decade ago (10.07.2012 07:39)
Reply by: jimbo9294

Congrats Marshall! It looks great on the page! {#smileys_dlg.Happy}

Thank you to all who participated!

It turned out to be a pretty good contest with a bunch of great works! {#smileys_dlg.clap}

1 decade ago (10.07.2012 08:36)
Reply by: etype2

Thanks Nikos and Jim. {#smileys_dlg.Booming love}  Maybe make the login block a little smaller if possible? It's blocking the sun. {#smileys_dlg.Grin}


All the entries were great. What do you think about putting them in rotation?

1 decade ago (12.07.2012 08:39)
Reply by: jimbo9294


The logon box is a Facebook thing and we can not change it.

I am usually logged in, as most FB users are so I don't think that will be an issue.

It looks great here.  The rotation idea is a great idea. I will do that.


1 decade ago (12.07.2012 09:57)
Reply by: etype2

On my iPad, for some reason, the image is blocked, but on my PC, all is fine.


Glad you will put in rotation, everybody wins. {#smileys_dlg.Booming love}

1 decade ago (16.07.2012 06:35)
Reply by: sed

Gee that wasnt too hard............................

Always a smart-axx in the bunch!! (talkin bout ME)

CONGRATS MARSHALL Cool {#smileys_dlg.Cool}

1 decade ago (16.07.2012 11:02)
Reply by: digitalpix4all

Congrats, Marshall.  {#smileys_dlg.clap}

1 decade ago (17.07.2012 08:48)
Reply by: etype2

Thanks Sed and Ed. {#smileys_dlg.Happy} {#smileys_dlg.Booming love}

1 decade ago (01.08.2012 01:16)
Reply by: teddybearcholla

Cool Congrats Marshall!!

1 decade ago (02.08.2012 11:25)
Reply by: etype2

{#smileys_dlg.Booming love}  Thanks Barb.

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