jimbo9294 / 8 years ago (11 June 2012 05:52)

Some of you know that SkinBase has a Facebook page.

And Yeah, we have a contest going on for all members of Skinbase.


Post here your entries, so everybody can see them.

You can upload your image by clicking Upload choose Other Section and Scroll to Facebook Timeline.

The contest will end at 30 June 2012.

If we  choose your work for our Facebook page, you will win an Adni18 Premium Skin (from

The dimensions for the image should be 852x315 pixels.


Check out the SkinBase Fan Page on Facebook.


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8 years ago (13.06.2012 05:43)
Reply by: MountainHawk

Dun it....sorry folks

8 years ago (13.06.2012 03:54)
Reply by: jazzilady

[LINK]" alt="Skinbase Fasebook Fan Page" />


Here´s my first submission for the facebook fan page

8 years ago (13.06.2012 08:16)
Reply by: MountainHawk

Panic is over Nikos...I tried to drag and drop an image and all it did was spew script all down the page. Jimbo showed me how to delete it. All figured out now...installed drop box.

8 years ago (13.06.2012 10:26)
Reply by: jimbo9294


 Can you upload that to the Timeline gallery and repost that image here, thanks.


8 years ago (14.06.2012 06:27)
Reply by: jimbo9294

Ok, my friends,

After you upload your image to the gallery.

Copy the gallery url and click on the the tree icon in the reply section

[LINK]" />

Paste your your gallery url into the top line (Image url) and click insert....if you get any popups close them...

let me know of any problems via Private message and I will fix them.

here are some of the latest entries.


8 years ago (14.06.2012 06:40)
Reply by: jimbo9294

Timeline Banner 1 By: Mikelly


Timeline Banner By: MountainHawk

8 years ago (14.06.2012 06:54)
Reply by: jimbo9294


Jazz: I like the background, but the text is a little much.

Mikelly: Beautiful.

MountainHawk: You nailed it, bro!

Keep them coming!!

8 years ago (14.06.2012 10:08)
Reply by: etype2

[LINK]" alt="" width="852" height="315" />

8 years ago (14.06.2012 10:42)
Reply by: jimbo9294

That is real nice etype2, real nice.

8 years ago (15.06.2012 11:53)
Reply by: killua
8 years ago (16.06.2012 06:06)
Reply by: jimbo9294


Past & Present By killua


Calm Sea By: jazzilady


California Sunset Banner By: Mikelly

Here are the Latest entries, if anyone is having problems placing their images here after uploading them, let me know....I will show you how to do it.

There a lot of grest banners, thanks everyone! Keep them coming!  June 29th is the last day before one is chosen.

Thanks for the participation! [LINK]" />

8 years ago (18.06.2012 01:12)
Reply by: etype2

Photo of my iPad with screen shot of Richard Mohler's art work WDC_02. [LINK]


[LINK]" alt="" width="852" height="315" />

8 years ago (21.06.2012 04:08)
Reply by: etype2

My cat Cloe. Smile


[LINK]" alt="" width="852" height="315" />

8 years ago (29.06.2012 05:36)
Reply by: etype2

Malibu Terragen 9.43 render

8 years ago (13.06.2012 05:51)
Reply by: MountainHawk
Fixed it
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