RIP Boss019!

adni18 / 8 years ago (07 June 2012 06:00)

Boss019 sadly he has passed away. He was a good friend he will be missed.

I am socked! He was one of the best guys of the skinning community and Skinbase!

Rip Rick we will miss you!

Richard (Rick) D. Efigenio died Monday, Jan. 2, 2012 in Yuba City.

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8 years ago (10.06.2012 07:57)
Reply by: jimbo9294

A Sad day for the whole skinning community,

He will be missed, his art and compassion for it, will be cherished.


[LINK]" target="_blank">Eulogy



8 years ago (09.06.2012 10:19)
Reply by: Sommerwind

This is sad news! I remember him as a great artist.......always friendly.

May he find piece where he is now! My warmest thoughts go out to his loved ones!

8 years ago (12.06.2012 01:33)
Reply by: sed

Im glad you got more of the story than I did Nikos R>I>P> --- He liked my weirdness (he TOLD me)

8 years ago (07.06.2012 06:31)
Reply by: jazzilady

My prayers to his family and all who knew him, a sad loss! Frown

8 years ago (07.06.2012 07:12)
Reply by: etype2

The skinning community lost a goodfriend. I am sorry to learn of Richard's passing. 

8 years ago (08.06.2012 12:36)
Reply by: FredNunes

So sorry to hear.  Sad  Prayers for him and hos loved ones!

8 years ago (08.06.2012 01:48)
Reply by: etype2

Have a look at Richards's gallery:  [LINK]">[LINK]

8 years ago (08.06.2012 02:04)
Reply by: MountainHawk

Dunno what to say! We exchanged many comments over the years. Always pleasant and helpful. He put out some brilliant work.Damned fine fellow! Very sad.Frown

8 years ago (08.06.2012 05:04)
Reply by: D Man

Wow we have lost a great guy RIP Rick

8 years ago (08.06.2012 05:49)
Reply by: adni18

Remember his work?


or here:

[LINK]" target="_blank">[LINK]

8 years ago (09.06.2012 12:13)
Reply by: killua
He Was Really Great Artist . R.I.P Boss19 Sad