Amazing ship graveyard in Kamchatka

Gregor / 8 years ago (05 June 2012 08:59)

Collection of sunken ship in Russian's Kamchatka. 

Check this amazing photo collection of sunken ships. 


Check on Google Maps:

coordinates : 52°57'22.24"N 158°40'56.91"E
google map



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8 years ago (05.06.2012 09:13)
Reply by: jimbo9294

Amazing shots!!


8 years ago (06.06.2012 06:58)
Reply by: adni18

wow! Laughing

8 years ago (06.06.2012 09:10)
Reply by: MountainHawk

There is a similar sight but far more extensive of old Russian Naval vessels and Submarines including nuke powered ones that have been left to rot in a bay somewhere in Russia...forget where now...saw it on the internet a few years back.....apparently people are concerned about the reactors leaking into the bay. The mindset that lets that happen confounds me.Frown