This Is What Windows 8 Looks and Feels Like

adni18 / 8 years ago (01 June 2012 08:26)

We've talked about some of the new features you'll find in Windows 8, but if you're a bit more curious about how it works in real life, we've put together a short video demo of what you'll find in Microsoft's latest operating system.

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8 years ago (01.06.2012 09:43)
Reply by: etype2

Great post. Still have´nt swapped out my 10 year old Windows PC. Torn between the new Apple Mac or new Windows.Smile

8 years ago (01.06.2012 11:10)
Reply by: jazzilady

I´d go with Window, just my preference! 

8 years ago (04.06.2012 10:02)
Reply by: Gregor

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8 years ago (04.06.2012 11:38)
Reply by: Gregor