Facebook Hiring Former Apple iPhone And iPad Engineers To Develop Their Own Smartphone

adni18 / 8 years ago (30 May 2012 08:55)

While there have been rumors of Facebook breaking into the mobile phoneindustry in the past, they were all but dead – until now. The New York Times has seemingly resurrected the rumors of a Facebook phone with a new report suggesting the company will debut a smartphone by next year. It’s said that Facebook has already recruited numerous engineers who have previously worked on Apple’s iPhone and iPad.

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8 years ago (30.05.2012 08:59)
Reply by: Gregor

interesting Happy

8 years ago (03.06.2012 11:01)
Reply by: digitalpix4all

Zuckerberg is a crook!!  The Facebook belongs to those who came up with it not the one that stole the idea.  Tongue Out