Older Submissions not visible

Mitsubishiman / 1 decade ago (07 February 2012 04:53)

Hello Everyone, in my gallery there are some older submissions that are not showing up, I have tried the update feature but they do not upload, do I need to delete them or is there a way to get them back?

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1 decade ago (07.02.2012 09:35)
Reply by: FredNunes
I looked at your gallery and see what you are referring to. I am not sure I have seen this before. I do not know what could have happened. You say you cannot fix with the update feature? Unfortunately - I am not sure what can be done, other than deleting and re-submitting them. Nikos may have a better idea, or perhaps another staff member. Wish I could help, but as I have said - I honestly have not seen this before - usually an issue like this would have shown immediately after the upload, not later on.
1 decade ago (08.02.2012 05:50)
Reply by: jazzilady
We had an attack incident quite a while ago and we lost everything. Everyone suffered from it and a lot of fine works were lost.
1 decade ago (08.02.2012 09:13)
Reply by: FredNunes
Ah... I remember that. Renee is correct. Sad