Link to a Rocket

sed / 9 years ago (12 May 2011 03:46)

I imagine Darren has built one already but you gotta check this site!

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9 years ago (12.05.2011 07:57)
Reply by: D Man
yep been there Sed got a 500 hp barstool got a turbine going on one now it idels at 45,000 rpm lol..great find Sed
9 years ago (13.05.2011 01:14)
Reply by: killua
9 years ago (14.05.2011 01:00)
Reply by: jazzilady
What a riot! That bike, would you drive it? Or even ride on it? LOL
9 years ago (14.05.2011 03:34)
Reply by: sed
Why did Mr Killua put that link here?? Amazed
9 years ago (17.05.2011 11:39)
Reply by: Alfa30
Amazed lol
8 years ago (12.05.2012 03:39)
Reply by: MountainHawk sed is aware I´m sure....programs like Star Trek,Alien,Predator are training programs for us aliens that crashed here many ions ago. Earth people see them as just entertainment but we aliens watch them intently knowing we can learn the skills necessary to man the Mothership when the skeleton crew brings it here to pick us up....isn´t that right sed! what you say? Congratulation Running Coffee in Wink lol
7 years ago (13.06.2012 03:19)
Reply by: MountainHawk

If you want to see a real out there motorcycle Jazzi...look at the Dodge Tomahawk......I 'd kill anyone to own one of!....Check out it's specifications on google.