Alfa30 / 1 decade ago (21 April 2011 06:04)

I noticed that for some time,it is always the same that is rewarded...and I find it unfair...
especially our friend Fred, had left abruptly in criticizing our site...and that now it rewards to oversimplify our enfent prodigy...
Here, l is full of others which deserve a Feature !
Thank you.

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1 decade ago (26.04.2011 10:20)
Reply by: Alfa30
I agree, the subject is closed... Happy
Thank you ! Booming love Booming love Booming love Happy
1 decade ago (26.04.2011 11:00)
Reply by: FredNunes
Happy Happy Happy
1 decade ago (26.04.2011 11:52)
Reply by: adni18
I am very glad to see you all having such a great and high level discussion!
This is exactly the prove that Skinbase is THE MOST FRIENDLY SITE in skinning community! Congratulation clap Booming love
1 decade ago (02.05.2011 11:37)
Reply by: Richard Mohler
Beer Cool
1 decade ago (26.04.2011 08:22)
Reply by: kchristine
I can´t really add much to this discussion but thought I would throw in my thoughts anyway. LOL I think Nikos does his best in trying to spread the Skinbase features to all members. No system is perfect but I, for one, am thankful any time I am lucky enough to be featured. Fred, the past is the past and should remain that way. I think for all members that unfortunate time is behind us and should stay that way. I for one have nothing but respect for you and your work. Thanks for being a part of Skinbase. Bruno, my love, you are my favorite photographer. I love your work and download everything you upload. That´s it for me. Booming love
1 decade ago (23.04.2011 01:47)
Reply by: killua
You Had Super Shots Bruno A w a r d Grin
1 decade ago (24.04.2011 08:36)
Reply by: Alfa30
I was not talking to me, but to all those who participate in the life of the site and should be encouraged...Sad
Thank you for having responded...and thank you for your understanding...
1 decade ago (26.04.2011 06:14)
Reply by: jazzilady
I understand you Bruno, I know you weren´t talking about yourself. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! What one thinks is really bad, another find beauty. That´s what art is all about though. I think everyone understands that. The member´s features are another thing, I don´t understand them at all. LOL
1 decade ago (22.04.2011 04:30)
Reply by: sed
Hell Bruno my current wall has 6 favorites and isnt featured on the members features... HUH??
1 decade ago (22.04.2011 10:52)
Reply by: FredNunes
Bruno... I understand your concerns. Nikos does a good job picking features here. It is not an easy task for him. As I look back, Ed has gotten quite a few, you have gotten some as well. I have gotten quite a few but trust what Nikos says here. He features the best work. I am not saying I am the best, or the worst. I strive to learn and get better. To be fair, we have 3 photographers who upload here regularly. Myself, you and Ed. Others submit works now and then, which is fine. So - it would naturally seem that the same artists get featured, with a smaller lot to pick from.

Addressing your words regarding my departure... Yes, you are absolutely correct. I really was hoping that was behind us but had a feeling there would be some animosity about it. Know this... in returning - I actually asked permission to come back. I now have a completely different attitude. My primary focus here is to share work and to encourage others with their good work. Features are ALWAYS appreciated by anyone, but that should not be the motivation for sharing here. Know that your work is appreciated by many, and it does not need to sit in the feature slot for that to be fact.

Happy shooting / creating. Photographer
1 decade ago (22.04.2011 03:54)
Reply by: etype2
Bruno: You are the [b]best[/b] in photography with your outstanding seascapes, naturescapes and architecture. You are a great inspiration to me. Keep them coming please. Happy Congratulation A w a r d Booming love clap clap clap
1 decade ago (22.04.2011 08:06)
Reply by: adni18
Dear Bruno!
Only the best works are featured. No matter who the author is...
You personally have the most featured works of all members of Skinbase! Wink