Adobe CS5 Tutorials

sed / 1 decade ago (12 March 2011 02:16)

This link is so good Im going to post it in news so ya dont lose it.  The big shot at PHOTOSHOP DESIGN .. No one can MASTER... Photoshop, but its nice to know what youre doing !!

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1 decade ago (14.03.2011 02:14)
Reply by: sed
I taught myself thru trial and error one thing I found in the tutorial and shaved 5 minutes of cleaning edges----- All it was was a click of a button rather than penning something by hand... Gotta check out Simple masking cuz this tut only works in CS5
1 decade ago (12.03.2011 04:41)
Reply by: D Man
Awesome find Sed Cool Cool Congratulation Congratulation
1 decade ago (12.03.2011 02:20)
Reply by: sed
There are things in 5 that werent on earlier versions and since I stopped at PHSP 7 I REALLY have a lot to learn I hope this helps people. COPY THIS ADDRESS into your FAVORITES!! A w a r d