Password mayhem

mickeblue / 8 years ago (15 December 2010 01:51)

I'm quoting from another source here ~

Gawker Media, one of the most popular online publishing networks, brought home an important point about password security this week. Unfortunately, they offered the lesson by getting their comment service hacked. Millions of email address and password combinations were stolen. The result was a large portion of the email addresses and passwords posted on the Internet for anyone to see. For anyone on that list who used the same password somewhere else, the combination of their email address and favorite password provides instant access to dozen of other sites.

At least DeviantArt had the decency to email me and warn me about what had happened... I found out about the attempt to get into my Amazon account after some one had tried to use it. Being of a suspicious nature anyway I wonder if this isn't a ploy by Gawker to emphasize the need to use different passwords on different sites... whatever, it sure scared the BJ's out of me.

You can check here ~ ~ to see if you are amongst the hacked email addresses or usernames, but it doesn't let you know which sites you have been hacked on. Oh the fun of the digital age Cry

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8 years ago (15.12.2010 08:18)
Reply by: D Man
Yep got a email also Sad
8 years ago (15.12.2010 02:35)
Reply by: FredNunes
Thanks for this Mick! Amazed
8 years ago (15.12.2010 07:32)
Reply by: jazzilady
I received the same email from Deviantart. That kind of stuff makes me crazy! Sad