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Sommerwind / 9 years ago (08 December 2010 04:53)

Hi all Happy A friend is desperately looking for a bandname or songtitle.....
and although I'm usually really good on finding stuff like that, I'm afraid I have to give up on this one.
Can anyone of you help us out here?

Link in following post

Thank you! Booming love Wishes with flowers

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9 years ago (16.12.2010 11:19)
Reply by: Sommerwind
Darren, thank you! Have given up on this one.....tried parts of the lyrics in every possible combination and been on every lyric site I could find, no luck!
And no, I haven´t got the complete lyrics. There were a few words I just couldn´t make out.
Thanks for showing so much good will anyway! Happy Booming love

Thanks Hytham! Nice one! lol Booming love

Never mind Mick, it was still nice to hear/read from you and see that you are alive and kicking! Happy Booming love
9 years ago (09.12.2010 12:57)
Reply by: sed
Song title is simple --- Just a Minute
Singer has a good deep voice
Drum machine does NOT
Sounded like one person on a pc
Echo is hokey
Song was catchy
AS THEY SAY IN THE MUSIC BIZ.... Don´t quit your day job
Hate seeing people go down my old path, good or not Cool
9 years ago (09.12.2010 12:42)
Reply by: D Man
hmmmm interesting band what age are they Antje? and is that the only song you have for them is there a video showing the band playing
9 years ago (08.12.2010 04:54)
Reply by: Sommerwind
9 years ago (08.12.2010 04:56)
Reply by: Sommerwind
Don´t know why the preview vid doesn´t show, but here is the link:

9 years ago (14.12.2010 06:36)
Reply by: mickeblue
If a band name is going to be used properly ( and not abbreviated by the hoi polloi who are generally lazy ) it needs to be no more than 2 or three syllables. I always liked the idea of "Nine Lives" as a band name... but then the way I play the guitar I would need at least that many! lol

Duh! I just re-read this post and figured out what you were asking... no idea, I´ve never heard them before
9 years ago (12.12.2010 06:18)
Reply by: killua
Pink Floyd
9 years ago (10.12.2010 02:12)
Reply by: D Man
oh ok Antje can you give us the lyrics to the song?
9 years ago (10.12.2010 12:58)
Reply by: Sommerwind
Sorry Sed, sometimes my german thinking gets in the way when writing in english! OhWell

No, I am actually looking for the band who made this song.
Booming love
9 years ago (10.12.2010 12:36)
Reply by: sed
Thought you were looking for a NAME for the song as a favour to someone (as in there was NO title yet) Wish I could help
9 years ago (09.12.2010 10:50)
Reply by: Sommerwind
Darren, I haven´t got a clue. The music is all we´re having to offer.
Can´t think of any song or interpreter I did NOT find, this one´s driving me mad. lol
Thanks a lot, Darren! Booming love

Sed, if the title was Just a minute, I´m sure I would have found it somewhere.
So I guess it is an other title.......tried all possible combinations already, without luck.
Thank you! Booming love