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etype2 / 7 years ago (24 November 2010 12:28)

Had to post this amazing National Geographic 2010 photo contest winner. It looks like something Hollywood came up with, but no, it's real, Montana super cell thunderstorm.

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6 years ago (18.06.2012 04:51)
Reply by: etype2

Not amazing but ...  approaching dust storm last night. First one I've seen since moving to the Phoenix Valley. The locals call em a "Haboob". View from my front porch.

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6 years ago (07.08.2012 02:36)
Reply by: mrs_starkers

this is taken in Tasmania Australia , at a  metal art place in Tasmania  somewhere[LINK]"" />

6 years ago (07.08.2012 02:51)
Reply by: etype2

Fine art work. 

5 years ago (30.08.2013 11:50)
Reply by: etype2

testing ......forums was down.

3 years ago (28.04.2015 09:21)
Reply by: Gregor

wow and amazing

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