Another CS5 question

sed / 1 decade ago (13 November 2010 05:15)

In photoshop I was able to open one picture and add it to a new layer on the one I had up... How is that done in CS???

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1 decade ago (14.11.2010 01:24)
Reply by: MountainHawk
We are so similar Sed...I did a lot of stuff in ZBrush and wondered how I did it then had to backtrack and write it think it´s senior moment syndrome....lmao! least we get there Congratulation
1 decade ago (16.11.2010 09:15)
Reply by: Richard Mohler
Go to edit/preferences, then choose interface, then uncheck open documents as tabs. Things should be easier to drag/drop... Cool
1 decade ago (17.11.2010 04:47)
Reply by: sed
THAT was the answer RICHARD!! clap
1 decade ago (17.11.2010 08:13)
Reply by: Richard Mohler
1 decade ago (13.11.2010 10:35)
Reply by: sed
I cant get both pictures up at the same time to drop N drag! Only shows one at a time
1 decade ago (13.11.2010 10:51)
Reply by: sed
Hmmmmm I dont yet KNOW how I did it but I did clap
1 decade ago (13.11.2010 07:35)
Reply by: D Man
yep drag and drop
1 decade ago (13.11.2010 06:42)
Reply by: jazzilady
You take the top pointer on the left hand site tool bar, then drag it into the other one. Booming love