Wacom and Photoshop

sed / 1 decade ago (02 November 2010 02:57)

I dont believe many of our regulars use a wacom as much as I do but it seems Adobe forums are full of ... MY WACOM KILLED MY PHOTOSHOP!!.. My case is the other way around. My original wacom is still working with XP thank God... Anyone else with a pen problem in CS???

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1 decade ago (03.11.2010 11:12)
Reply by: jazzilady
No problems with mine Seddy! Works great! Booming love
1 decade ago (04.11.2010 01:31)
Reply by: sed
I took some advice there and mine is fine now too .... But Wacom doesnt have techs with brains! You have to have some of your own .. Fixed!!
1 decade ago (05.11.2010 04:19)
Reply by: sed
[b]If anyone in the future sees this in forum[/b] -- here is what Wacom sent back to me as a response..
After disconnecting the tablet from the computer, begin by removing your current driver from the programs and features of your control panel, and then restart when prompted to do so. After the restart you´ll want to download the newest driver for your tablet to your desktop. Once the driver has been downloaded you’ll then want to hold down the windows key on your keyboard and press the R key. This should open the Run dialog box in which you’ll want to enter msconfig and click OK. This will open up the System Configuration utility in which you´ll want to select Diagnostic startup and click OK to restart. Diagnostic startup is like safe mode but it disables any of your startup programs such as your antivirus and also disables your internet access so that you´re not at risk. Once you´ve booted into Diagnostic startup you can then double click on the download to install the new driver. After the driver installation you can now use the same msconfig utility to select Normal startup and restart again. Once the computer has finished booting you can then reconnect and test your tablet.
Here’s a link to the newest driver for your tablet for your convenience: [LINK]
_________________ That should help if anyone elas runs into this problem Cool
1 decade ago (06.11.2010 10:13)
Reply by: MountainHawk
Just reading that Sed wouldn´t another, simpler way be to use system restore and restore the system back to when the Wacom pen did work. I know at one point I had an issue with certain filters and restore fixed those issues.
1 decade ago (06.11.2010 10:42)
Reply by: sed
Yea.. his version of the way I did it is a bit long... Just wipe off the prvious install and upload the driver only and its fine... May have to re-upload the driver again so keep wacoms driver list handy