How to upload your personal photo in your profile

etype2 / 1 decade ago (19 October 2010 04:23)

Members have had trouble uploading their personal photo in their profile including myself. I hope this works for you.

1. Read Site Info, FAQ, Personal Profile in lower right hand column, then follow this procedure:

2. Go to Edit Profile, Additional Information's, in User Picture, browse your computer for photo you want to upload. It should be a jpg. file and small. Mine was 250x270 and was re sized later by the upload process. Hit update. You did not see your picture, right? That's Okay.

3. Now click on Base information's and type something in " brief descriptions " If you already have something typed, just add a word or two and hit update.

4. Now go to front page and hit refresh page button on your browser or F5.

5. Now repeat step 2. Go back to Edit Profile, Additional Information's, in User Picture, browse your computer and upload the same picture and hit update.

Your picture should now appear. This is how I was able to upload my picture in my profile tonight, in these steps in this exact order.

I hope this works for you. Happy

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1 decade ago (20.10.2010 03:19)
Reply by: adni18
Gregor has flue, when he gets better, he will take a look on this issue... Wink
1 decade ago (19.10.2010 06:08)
Reply by: killua
Nice Marshall Congratulation
1 decade ago (19.10.2010 06:17)
Reply by: etype2
I have Firefox latest version as well. Thanks Hytham. Happy
1 decade ago (19.10.2010 08:06)
Reply by: etype2
I just uploaded my emoticon which I gave up on before. I used this procedure, but I had to repeat it several times. Noticed that adding "brief information´s don´t always take the first try so you need to verify that added information shows up before uploading the file. Can be frustrating, but it works. Happy
1 decade ago (19.10.2010 03:41)
Reply by: sed
Heck I will try that too ---- Later clap
1 decade ago (19.10.2010 05:38)
Reply by: adni18
Good work Marshall! Congratulation
For unknown yet reasons, some members have difficulties to upload their avatar or picture, other members have no problem at all, like me for example...
Maybe it is the browser they are using... I use Firefox... OhWell
1 decade ago (19.10.2010 05:47)
Reply by: etype2
Glad it´s working for you. Happy
1 decade ago (19.10.2010 06:01)
Reply by:
I had not problems either Nikos and I use Firefox, so you may have a good point there? Happy
1 decade ago (19.10.2010 11:42)
Reply by:
I had no problem at all uploading my photo to my profile last week without the need for refreshing etc. I did however continue to the [b]"Base Informations"[/b] tab and update my details in there, but I wanted to do that anyway.

The process works fine if followed as you describe above Happy

Thanks for the help prosit