Ever get REALLY angry?

mickeblue / 9 years ago (23 August 2010 03:58)

There was knock on my door at about 9 o'clock this morning and it was a musician I know ( I'm not going to get into names ) bringing me his latest cd ( not a present ~ I'd already given him the dosh for it! )... And I've just sat here and listened to him take my life apart to music... I am so *** angry! Cheeky S of AB.

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9 years ago (24.08.2010 12:05)
Reply by: sed
Figures it would come from U!!!!!.. The MADMAN ACROSS THE WATER!!! Amazed clap Cool
9 years ago (24.08.2010 12:29)
Reply by: D Man
LOL share with the class and we will see if you should be madd
9 years ago (25.08.2010 01:21)
Reply by: jazzilady
I like that one Darren! Yeah! I wanna hear it! LOL
9 years ago (03.09.2010 04:01)
Reply by: mickeblue
Yeah. like I wanted the world to hear... if you really want to find out what PMO buy Suntraps new cd. And then take a hammer to it Angry
9 years ago (03.09.2010 06:59)
Reply by: sed
Ive got a Queensriche to do that to... Amazed