adni18 / 1 decade ago (14 July 2010 08:33)

After the latest hard disk crash of the Skinbase server, you may notice some things that doesn't work anymore, please write them here in this thread to let us know and fix them Happy

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1 decade ago (19.07.2010 05:01)
Reply by: adni18
Cool! Good work G! Congratulation clap
1 decade ago (19.07.2010 04:13)
Reply by: killua
Nice Black Border Congratulation
1 decade ago (05.08.2010 08:31)
Reply by: killua
My featured works is Work now Congratulation ... Thanks Nikos Happy
1 decade ago (21.07.2010 07:00)
Reply by: adni18
Any other problem??? Wink
1 decade ago (21.07.2010 07:07)
Reply by: killua
My Featured Work is False Happy
1 decade ago (21.07.2010 09:22)
Reply by: etype2
Can´t change index page. "My featured Work" will not display.
1 decade ago (21.07.2010 11:13)
Reply by: adni18
OK thanks, please tell us more and we will try to fix them all Wink
1 decade ago (22.07.2010 12:55)
Reply by: jazzilady
My featured works are gone, not showing at all. Happy
1 decade ago (15.08.2010 10:09)
Reply by: mickeblue
The which resolution do you use poll doesn´t work Sad
1 decade ago (14.07.2010 08:37)
Reply by: adni18
PopUP Chat doesn´t work! Sad
1 decade ago (14.07.2010 08:39)
Reply by: adni18
Like a memo Wink
Interactive chat also doesn´t work...
1 decade ago (14.07.2010 02:53)
Reply by: killua
Random Gallery dosen´t work too Sad
1 decade ago (14.07.2010 07:08)
Reply by: killua
The feature works dosen´t work !
1 decade ago (18.07.2010 10:22)
Reply by: Gregor
Popup chat should works now. please letme know if everything is ok
1 decade ago (18.07.2010 10:44)
Reply by: Gregor
interactive chat should also works now clap
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