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Yrgal / 1 decade ago (24 May 2010 09:00)

I left a comment on D Man's logon Connection V1 7 months ago, wondering why he had asked for permission from Sommerwind for the use of the background picture but not asked me for the use of the rest of the files used, which is clearly from a logon made by me. Clearly he have had time enough to answer and he didn't care to answer a private message I sent him here at SB a week ago. That's what pisses me off with all rippers. We could easily have made an aggreement behind the scenes but when he doesn't even care to answer, I would like to see his work removed.

Connection V1 : http://skinbase.org/rate.php?skins=56452
Y-Logon : http://skinbase.org/rate.php?skins=23014

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1 decade ago (25.05.2010 12:47)
Reply by: sed
Ich denke sie dont passen überhaupt zusammen. Vielleicht whats in der ziip Datei? Amazed
1 decade ago (16.06.2010 02:19)
Reply by: wary109
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