Minneapolis broadcast design & animation studio motion504

teddybearcholla / 1 decade ago (23 October 2009 02:55)

I think many of you use C4D. The company in the title used this program in their reception sponsor reel for the Minneapolis screening of the AICP Show: The Art & Technique of the American Commercial.
Talk about amazing... http://www.itsartmag.com/features/aicpmotion504/

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1 decade ago (23.10.2009 03:10)
Reply by: killua
Thats Cool Lonk clap clap
1 decade ago (23.10.2009 04:05)
Reply by: D Man
WOW for sure im not even close to those guy´s but i am learning to animate using C4D right now. clap clap
1 decade ago (23.10.2009 08:07)
Reply by: teddybearcholla
Hey, glad you guys liked it!!! Happy
1 decade ago (04.12.2009 12:24)
Reply by: wary109
great page...-*-*..
1 decade ago (19.08.2010 06:15)
Reply by: ledlauzis
WOW for certain im not even close to individuals guy´s but i´m understanding to animate

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