GeorgeH / 1 decade ago (17 October 2009 10:09)

You need to add a category for TrueTransparency. This is a relatively new application that allows you to modify windows in ways that .msstyle files can't. MsStyles do not allow you to have transparent/translucent window borders. Also .msstyle files were not designed to have wide, irregular window borders. TrueTranparency has these capabilities:

You have these skins available on your site but they are listed under "Misc Skins" when they should have their own category.

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1 decade ago (17.10.2009 10:11)
Reply by: GeorgeH
For some reason this forum posted my message 3 times. I don´t know why.
1 decade ago (17.10.2009 10:28)
Reply by: killua
????? Grin
1 decade ago (18.10.2009 04:17)
Reply by: adni18
No problem, we will fix the category section Wink
1 decade ago (18.10.2009 04:23)
Reply by: adni18
[b]TrueTransparency[/b] section has been added, now we are waiting for some skins Wink Congratulation
1 decade ago (18.10.2009 06:17)
Reply by: D Man
I will have to give this a try. clap
1 decade ago (18.10.2009 07:32)
Reply by: sed
Great link prosit
1 decade ago (04.12.2009 12:31)
Reply by: wary109