MS Paint anyone?

Yrgal / 1 decade ago (14 October 2009 01:53)

It's not always the program you use for painting...

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1 decade ago (14.10.2009 01:54)
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Sorry, here´s the link : [url][LINK][/url]
1 decade ago (14.10.2009 02:22)
Reply by: jazzilady
Pretty amazing! clap
1 decade ago (14.10.2009 03:04)
Reply by: sed
A Definate [b][u]MUST SEE[/u][/b][b]Totally best 5 mins I ever spent![/b]
1 decade ago (14.10.2009 08:38)
Reply by: kchristine
WOW. How cool is that Booming love
1 decade ago (14.10.2009 10:36)
Reply by: killua
Excellent clap clap
1 decade ago (15.10.2009 01:13)
Reply by: D Man
Amazing for sure. Amazed
1 decade ago (16.10.2009 01:29)
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1 decade ago (30.11.2009 06:02)
Reply by: PearlDrop
that was amazing!!! WHile browsing this caught my eyes too!

1 decade ago (03.12.2009 01:51)
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Reply by: rickyponting
A true artist doesn´t need a bunch of fancy brushes and robot appendages to produce eye-pleasing work. [url=[LINK]]microsoft mcsa[/url] All they need is a pencil, some paper, a flat drawing surface, and a few minutes of time. What I´m trying to say here is that most artists are environmental warlords, tearing into Mother Nature´s heaving bosoms with [url=[LINK]]mcts certification[/url] unthinkable savagery. By using up reams of paper and other artistic "tools of the trade," these monsters squander valuable natural resources in a self-absorbed attempt to share their "vision" with the world.I, on the other hand, save baby dolphins from choking to death on discarded [url=[LINK]]ccna training[/url] six-pack rings by doing all my artwork in MS Paint. That way, all I waste is bandwidth, hard drive space (and not very much at that!), and my time. And yours. With MS Paint, anyone with a working mouse can be an artist of unparalleled skill. Just look at me, I´m almost proof!
1 decade ago (12.01.2010 08:56)
Reply by: killua
Yes , But Now The Question is ... In These Days did We have Possible Environment to prove Human Skills????? I Mean Is Human Skills are Not Found Yet in Work´s Envieronment ( Painting , Print , Websites,Games,and animation )?The Big Goal from all this works is how to Convey Reality To Digtal work without any Errors lol .... How we Can See That to learn how can increase Skills By Measure It ? ...... The Answer for All this questions you will found it in Digital Arts Titles,Computer Graphics ,Optics etc we all had a little kids should learn Some Cool Things in this Field ... Learn By Enjoy It .... Just Enjoy .... Grin Wishes with flowers Cool Cool

Sorry if i talk Wrong... I Think We Work Under Control Nature & Logic ... Just Discussion lol
1 decade ago (12.01.2010 10:43)
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