Must view SCARY U-Tube

sed / 1 decade ago (21 August 2009 12:11)

This is a scary thing to find out about!!



Amazed Amazed Amazed Amazed Amazed Amazed

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1 decade ago (21.08.2009 12:19)
Reply by: sed
I found this and I believe it will give ya a chill... WATCH your surfing!! Amazed Cool Cool The MAN is out there!!
1 decade ago (21.08.2009 01:20)
Reply by: D Man
Oh my god that is just wrong in every way. Amazed
1 decade ago (21.08.2009 07:05)
Reply by: Gregor
1 decade ago (21.08.2009 12:25)
Reply by: adni18
WOW Great option to have YouTube stuff in our post!!! WOW

It is very scary Angry
1 decade ago (21.08.2009 03:55)
Reply by: sed
THANKS GRAVE..... Easier to see this way!!
1 decade ago (21.08.2009 08:27)
Reply by: jazzilady
Government is NOT for the PEOPLE anymore! What a wake up call! Thanks for sharing that Seddy!
1 decade ago (24.08.2009 09:10)
Reply by: wary109
1 decade ago (25.08.2009 01:05)
Reply by: john komay
hi ilovebar you
1 decade ago (25.08.2009 11:44)
Reply by: kchristine
Totally out of control.