Stop unwanted pop up pages!

jazzilady / 1 decade ago (03 July 2009 01:00)

I noticed that when I use Firefox, I was getting a lot of unwated page loads, the new form or popups.
I started using Opera, and have no more problems! You may want to try it if you're sick of all the
unwanted and unsolicited page loads with popups of their own. I found it very annoying, to say the
least! I was having pages load that I would never open myself! I hate having garbage thrown right
in my face. So, I'm very happy with Opera! Just a thought! Happy

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1 decade ago (03.07.2009 01:09)
Reply by: Sommerwind
I´m using Firefox with addons AdBlock Plus and NoScript and never had any popups here or anywhere else. Happy
1 decade ago (03.07.2009 01:39)
Reply by: killua
Do you Mean An Ads Jazzi ?
1 decade ago (03.07.2009 01:44)
Reply by: jazzilady
Great information Antje! I´ll have to try those!
Hytham, yes the ads that open in a new page. I hate that!
1 decade ago (03.07.2009 02:18)
Reply by: killua
OK Jazzi this Ads Open in a new window or in the same ?
1 decade ago (03.07.2009 05:47)
Reply by: adni18
I´m using Firefox with the addon AdBlock Plus and I have no problem too.
Though, have in mind, that only the people who haven´t signed in get those pop-ups , the members never see commercial pop-ups!