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sed / 1 decade ago (12 June 2009 08:25)

Ive been taking a bit of my time out everyday RE-UPLOADING my lost works - Its EZ. Find a missing work in your uploads manager.. Click on the little pen and paper icon to the left.. It will take you to the missing but all your comments are still there! Scroll down the page chk the Type of work [3D - abstract - photo etc] RE-UPLOAD below your file and next to that your preview. Goes right back into place where it was / with comments intact!! clap

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1 decade ago (12.06.2009 08:26)
Reply by: sed
A couple a day and youre back in the game!! Cool
1 decade ago (12.06.2009 09:02)
Reply by: killua
I Did it too Mr Sed you can take A look Cool
1 decade ago (18.06.2009 12:32)
Reply by: sed
Half my Favorites file needs re-Uploading Sally and Bruno the laziest ones!!
1 decade ago (18.06.2009 03:25)
Reply by: sed
Poor Jazz had to go to another site to download her stuff cuz she didnt keep a folder!! THATs dedication!! Happy
1 decade ago (19.06.2009 06:56)
Reply by: sed
How many are there????? Im already back to june of 2008!! Amazed
1 decade ago (19.06.2009 11:52)
Reply by: killua
mean me ? OhWell