Question regarding sizes of brush sets

Sommerwind / 1 decade ago (11 June 2009 07:09)

Hello everyone, I have just made my first brush set with some of my favourite fractals. There are 23 brushes in it, and because most of them are 1600 wide the set turned out to be a 30 MB file. My question is, if that is too big and if I should better split the whole pack into two or even three? Any opinion would be helpful, thanks so much! Booming love

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1 decade ago (11.06.2009 07:11)
Reply by: Sommerwind
Oh, and while I´m at it.......
I´ll be needing some beta testers as I have only Photoshop 7 and need to know to which versions the set(s) are compatible with. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you! Booming love
1 decade ago (11.06.2009 07:19)
Reply by: sed
Brushes I get from Mickeblue are 25x25 jpg and work perfect with my Photoshop 7
1 decade ago (11.06.2009 07:20)
Reply by: sed
1600?? Gee! Thats not right -- i dont believe!
1 decade ago (11.06.2009 07:25)
Reply by: Sommerwind
Sed, but try increasing the size with a 25 Pixel jpg, it will look all blurry.
If you use high resolution brushes you don´t have that problem, and you could even print the image/composing or whatever. That was my thought really. I´m always glad to get some high resolution brushes, so I thought others may too. OhWell Booming love
1 decade ago (11.06.2009 07:26)
Reply by: kchristine
You can upload 30MB here. If your internet connection is slow though it might time out. Booming love
1 decade ago (11.06.2009 07:31)
Reply by: Sommerwind
Oh, I never thought of uploading it here, but now you mention is worth another thought.
thank you, kchristine! Booming love

The actual reason for my question was, that PS does occupy a lot of memory. That would be even more if you load a brush set of that size.
1 decade ago (11.06.2009 07:35)
Reply by: sed
Id like to try your brushes maybe ONE at a time tho
1 decade ago (12.06.2009 01:22)
Reply by: Sommerwind
You have to tell me which one you would like to try, Sed! That is easier than saving every single brush seperately.
---> [LINK]
1 decade ago (12.06.2009 01:26)
Reply by: Sommerwind
lol My previous post was written on the 12th of June and was updated on the 30th of November. LOL
1 decade ago (12.06.2009 02:56)
Reply by: teddybearcholla
I have Photoshop 6, but I don´t think they will work with mine. When I make brushes, most of the Photoshops from 7 up can recognize them.
1 decade ago (12.06.2009 03:11)
Reply by: sed
I chked a set of 5 brushes from Mickeblue and the total size of the 5 was 254kb Think about it!
1 decade ago (12.06.2009 03:13)
Reply by: sed
Thats a great set of brushes Send them on!!!!!!
1 decade ago (12.06.2009 07:19)
Reply by: Sommerwind
Teddy, I have used some of your brushes lately, and they were absolutely beautiful. Christmas trees...........yeeeeessss, I´m starting early Grin but haven´t finished yet.

I guess brushes are up-compatible but not down-compatible, would you agree on that, Teddy?
I downloaded lots of brushes that were supposed to work in PS 7, but weren´t when I wanted to try them.
Booming love
1 decade ago (12.06.2009 07:23)
Reply by: Sommerwind
Sed, you really want me to send you the whole set? 30 MB?

I will not think about a brushset of 254 kb, I can tell you that for sure.
Told you the reasons above! Wink Booming love
1 decade ago (15.06.2009 10:57)
Reply by: sed
You cant break the set down?? If not I´ll dwnload into my flash drive
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