1st Dream Upload failed

AzDude / 1 decade ago (06 June 2009 08:26)

my Question is - does anyone know which Browser is best for uploading
larger file sizes ?

I tried to upload my 1st dream ..
using Google Chrome it failed after 2 mins.
using firefox it was still spinning around after 1 hr.

it was about an 80mb file size

and i was on Windows7 too at the time

I will try it on Vista next time

but is one browser better than another for uploading on this site ???

i have uploaded many Dreams on other sites and have a pretty good idea
how it should be , but new to this site ...

any Help would be welcome ................. Az

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1 decade ago (07.06.2009 04:09)
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80 MB? Never heard of one that size.. this has much more to do with your connection speed than browser I believe. But at that size, its uncharted territory for me... never uploaded one even close to that.

Good luck! Running
1 decade ago (07.06.2009 04:20)
Reply by: AzDude
Dreams can range anywhere from 2mb´s to 150mb´s in file size and it does take some time to upload the larger ones - but i have made over a 115 Dreams and have done allot of uploading - so i have an idea how the uploads should work - but so far no luck loading a larger file here at this site - but will give it a few more goes and see what happens - unless someone here can help with some advise ???
1 decade ago (07.06.2009 05:23)
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My last two cents then I am gone... perhaps a restriction on file size here?? Smile
1 decade ago (07.06.2009 05:44)
Reply by: sed
This may sound strange [Ive adapted to all kinds of quirks with this site... I just cant upload here and walk away like other sites!! I have to keep moving the mouse every minute Im uploading here or it goes to page not found....! Been that way for yrs here for me and basehead too. Others I can go get a cup of coffee but here I keep moving the page and the mouse! If I stop to light a cig it stops!! @5mb wonder how long 100mb takes?!
1 decade ago (08.06.2009 03:56)
Reply by: adni18
You should not have problem, the upload file size limit has been raised to 160 MB... The site is very fast, though "time outs" may occur... Firefox is OK, good choice.
1 decade ago (09.06.2009 02:43)
Reply by: AzDude
uploaded a 6mb Dream OK with FF , will try larger next time ... Wink