bootskins (vista) logonstudio(vista)

AzDude / 1 decade ago (31 May 2009 04:25)

are these categories available ? or can they be added ?

I have allot of these skins that could be added ... let
me know .... azdude ...

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1 decade ago (02.06.2009 10:42)
Reply by: adni18
I will add now the categories you are asking AzDude Wink
1 decade ago (02.06.2009 05:54)
Reply by: AzDude
anybody in admin have an answer?
can logon and bootskins for VISTA be added ? Wink
1 decade ago (02.06.2009 10:54)
Reply by: adni18
3 new categories online: Logon Studio (Vista) Bootskins (Vista) and Dreams!
Waiting for your uploads! Wink
1 decade ago (03.06.2009 12:23)
Reply by: AzDude
Thanks in time i will upload many things ..

also i need to know your FILE size upload limits for DREAMS
as some dreams can be as large as 149mb´s size - what are your
upload size limits here ???
1 decade ago (03.06.2009 12:33)
Reply by: AzDude
also one more thing about the new categories
can their file ext. be uploaded ?... or do
they have to be zipped to upload ? or either of the 2 ?
1 decade ago (03.06.2009 01:00)
Reply by: AzDude
one last thing before uploading

i´m new to this site , but so far when i try
to upload a jpeg as the preview and the skin
file as the file - the preview does not show-
it shows as broken -
that happened when i uploaded the 2 walls yesterday
so i just uploaded single jpeg as the file but
wanted to upload a zip with asst. sizes ....
trying to upload a Vista Logon now with a jpeg preview
and a logon file ext. and the preview is not showing
it shows again as broken - so what is the fix for all of this
please let me know , then i can start with uploads , thanks Az
1 decade ago (03.06.2009 01:09)
Reply by: AzDude
update to last post here

i went to uploads manager and fixed
the upload problem by updating the skins
and now preview shows - maybe i got the uploads
backwards as far as the skin and preview ?

trying i am ............. to get it right ... Wink
1 decade ago (03.06.2009 03:18)
Reply by: adni18
You are doing fine asking questions, we understand.
The upload file size limit has been raised to 160 MB Wink
We allow ALL the extensions, except .php extensions,
but we prefer to upload them all in a zip or rar files, so the files will be smaller and safer. Happy

1 decade ago (03.06.2009 03:25)
Reply by: AzDude
thanks for the quick reply Congratulation
1 decade ago (31.05.2009 04:58)
Reply by: AzDude
also what about adding Dreams ???
1 decade ago (31.05.2009 07:26)
Reply by: stramp
Azdude there is a catagory for LogonStudio Vista and Bootskin. Look on the left hand side of the page and under Top Catagories Bootskin is at the top and for LS Vista click on More Catagories and scroll down. But i don´t see Dreams. Hope this helps, love to see your art here! Grin
1 decade ago (31.05.2009 10:00)
Reply by: AzDude
that bootskin and logon appear to be for Xp not vista