Makes no sense!

sed / 1 decade ago (30 May 2009 11:40)

Try this one! My modem is right next to my phone so I could Un-Plug the phone line in on the modem and make phone calls.... Then later un-plug it from the phone and back into the modem! Worked for 2 yrs now if I plug the EXACT same phone cord now I get no signal but it works on the MODEM! This phone line ( I thought went dead ) ONLY works on the modem! IDEAS?? LOL

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1 decade ago (10.06.2009 12:23)
Reply by: jazzilady
Maybe your phone is dead, gone, kapoot! lol Booming love
1 decade ago (31.05.2009 03:56)
Reply by: teddybearcholla
Do you have a cat that chewed a bit of the phone cord? Could be the phone is more sensitive then the modem. But in any case this is very strange!!!
1 decade ago (31.05.2009 08:41)
Reply by: adni18
Maybe buy/try it with a new/another phone, maybe your phone device is dead...

Maybe the company that provide you the signal have updated their services to ADSL or something and you will need a filter...