Anyone knows this Wallpaper?

Nightmaster / 1 decade ago (22 May 2009 05:05)

Well... I formated my Pc yesterday but forgot to Backup my Desktop Wallpapers, know I'm searching for this Wallpaper:

I know it was packed with a visual Style, but I don't renember the Name T_T
Also, I know there was something like the Moon in the upper middle part, which was reflected in the Water...

Hopefully, someone knows the Wallpaper or the Theme it was packed with...

PS: The Visual Style applied in the Screenshot isn't the one I search (that is the Microsoft Zune Theme^^)

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1 decade ago (23.05.2009 05:04)
Reply by: Nightmaster
Okay, I found out, how i´ts called: It´s Ni Terr by jrsaldana...
But I can only find a login screen o.O Help, anyone?
1 decade ago (23.05.2009 02:57)
Reply by: D Man
That was way to easy [LINK] lol
1 decade ago (23.05.2009 03:42)
Reply by: sed
Ich sagte ihnen am Devianten Art, dass Sie diese Kunstarbeit liebten Cool
1 decade ago (29.05.2009 04:13)
Reply by: preet_hipno