Big Help Needed!

ccarty85 / 1 decade ago (16 April 2009 11:30)

Hi there people, I have recently discovered this website and I am truely amazed at the possibilities. So amazed in fact that I though "how hard can it be" and had a go at downloading some new skins for my Windows XP. Ok, I've downloaded some including 'Old'n'Style'_WB but dont really know where to go from here? Where shall I unzip the files to and what should I do with them once they've been unzipped?

Sorry if these sound like very basic questions, I have to start somewhere!!

Thanks everyone, and well done on some seriously nice looking skins


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1 decade ago (17.04.2009 03:01)
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Glad to help... sounds like a windowblinds skin to me. You need this program.

1 decade ago (17.04.2009 02:59)
Reply by: sed
FREDs RIGHT _WB [ windowblinds] ONLY works if you have that program downloaded - Doesnt cost much either Cool
1 decade ago (18.04.2009 10:05)
Reply by: jazzilady
It´s a great program! Vanity for your pc! LOL