We need your help !

Gregor / 1 decade ago (03 April 2009 09:49)

Lately we had some data loss on Skinbase and we're trying to recover as much as possible. But I would really like to ask each author to help us with reload with his own works.

I'm really sorry for all these problems! Looking forward to see all works back here !!!

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1 decade ago (03.04.2009 10:12)
Reply by: Sommerwind
Hello gRave,
thank you for bringing Skinbase back to life!
1 decade ago (03.04.2009 10:32)
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First all the featured works lost their appropriate awards and now this? Whats going on here? Even my member photo is gone... my avatar... along with my entire gallery. Its too much for me to re-upload all of my work. I would not know where to begin.

I do wish Skinbase the best in resolving this and in the future.
1 decade ago (04.04.2009 12:55)
Reply by: jazzilady
It´s very unfortunate that this sort of thing is going on, but we must live with it! Nothing is perfect!
1 decade ago (05.04.2009 06:16)
Reply by: Richard Mohler
Maybe a few things but way too much to redo all..
1 decade ago (06.04.2009 06:11)
Reply by: BluesFan63
I agree with Fred.And I know, compared to myself, others have posted way more art on this site than my 20 or so submissions.I had 2 uploads featured lately and now they are gone.I don´t mind posting them again,but the damage to my ego is irreparable! LOL LOL LOL Not really!
1 decade ago (08.04.2009 02:20)
Reply by: etype2
I noticed that when my random uploads that appear under submitted artwork, they are all there from day 1, (year 2000) Happy I checked Sally´s random uploads and they are all there as well! So if the scripts can be retrieved, backed up, from random uploads, might be a fix.
1 decade ago (20.04.2009 07:51)
Reply by: adni18
You are right! We have to check this out Marshal, maybe we are lucky and find all the missing works!
1 decade ago (20.04.2009 09:07)
Reply by: kchristine
Best of luck guys in checking this! Booming love
1 decade ago (21.04.2009 10:40)
Reply by: sed
All of mine are downloadable still from my day one just no ZOOM THIS previews A couple thou re-Uploads is not my to-do list! Cool
1 decade ago (21.04.2009 10:42)
Reply by: sed
Heck I just noticed our POSTS amounts are off too!! Amazed
1 decade ago (04.05.2009 03:16)
Reply by: teddybearcholla
I just tried reposting one of my older ones, and it didn´t work. I used the wallpapers Manager. I thought that way I could keep the comments instead of deleting the image and posting new again.
1 decade ago (05.05.2009 05:16)
Reply by: Sommerwind
Teddy, if you are not uploading zip files, try using only the second place to upload on the right (in Upload Manager).
That way it worked fine with mine. Booming love