Zip,RAR Files

BluesFan63 / 1 decade ago (12 March 2009 02:29)

Um...I haven't really seen any,but is there a way to submit a zip or RAR file
as well as artwork?(In other words,can I submit a wallpaper with a zip included
of various other wallpapers?

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1 decade ago (12.03.2009 07:20)
Reply by: adni18
No problem, just upload a preview to show all wallpapers (optional) and the zip or rar file, doesn´t matter if it writes gif or jpg next to upload field Wink
1 decade ago (12.03.2009 03:05)
Reply by: BluesFan63
Oh,thanx adni.I want to submit different sizes of my walls so more people with different
screen resolutions can benefit and use the material. Cool
1 decade ago (14.03.2009 12:58)
Reply by: etype2
That´s the spirit... and love the blues! Happy clap