adni18 / 1 decade ago (11 March 2009 08:17)

We had some bug in Skinbase script and someone create accounts and write some javascript redirection to some spyware site and google add this warrning to FireFox users, no problem with Internet Explorer.
Gregor has removed everything and send to google message to remove the warning.
We hope this problem will be solved soon...

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1 decade ago (11.03.2009 08:27)
Reply by: adni18
You better use Internet Explorer for some time when you visit Skinbase, we will let you know when everything will go back to normal, sorry for the inconvenience sensitive
1 decade ago (11.03.2009 03:17)
Reply by: adni18
The problem has been fixed, Google respond was very quick! Happy
We hope that this temporary problem didn´t sent away many people... OhWell
1 decade ago (11.03.2009 03:48)
Reply by: Richard Mohler
Thanks Nikos.. Happy
1 decade ago (11.03.2009 04:43)
Reply by: Sommerwind
Got the same warning last night and thought it was a bad joke or a trojan I caught. Updated AdAware, Spybot and AntiVir and performed 3 complete system scans - everything is clear and running smooth!
Many thanks to Nikos and Greg for taking immediate action! Booming love
1 decade ago (11.03.2009 07:55)
Reply by: killua
Thanks Nikos ! Congratulation
1 decade ago (14.03.2009 08:07)
Reply by: wary109
1 decade ago (16.08.2010 07:40)
Reply by: adni18
It is done Wink
1 decade ago (16.08.2010 09:37)
Reply by: mickeblue
That guy for real????
1 decade ago (16.08.2010 06:05)
Reply by: sed
Im doing what I can to get this Spam off here