Internet explorer 8

Richard Mohler / 1 decade ago (05 February 2009 05:09)

What's up with this place if I use Internet explorer 8 to browse everything freezes up. Have to use Firefox. Anybody know why? Even on deviantart it has to close sometimes. Only works on Wincustomize..

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1 decade ago (05.02.2009 05:12)
Reply by: sed
Richard............. Im afraid to change ANYTHING any more _____ IF it works dont change it!
1 decade ago (05.02.2009 05:25)
Reply by: Richard Mohler
I hear ya..
1 decade ago (05.02.2009 05:26)
Reply by: netwolf56
It´s almost certain to be the IE 8, not skinbase. Try going back to IE 7 and see if that solves the problem. I used IE 8 for a time and found it to be a bit buggy.

1 decade ago (05.02.2009 06:49)
Reply by: etype2
I believe IE 8 is in beta. We know about beta. Happy
1 decade ago (05.02.2009 11:24)
Reply by: jazzilady
I have IE8! It does freeze up all the time! GRRR!! OhWell
1 decade ago (06.02.2009 01:38)
Reply by: sed
I havent even chaged to 7 yet! Cool Cool Cool Cool
1 decade ago (06.02.2009 02:03)
Reply by: Richard Mohler
I just use Firfox here, for now..
1 decade ago (06.02.2009 03:16)
Reply by:
You are better off for it Richard. IE is a joke compered to the features and safety of Firefox.
1 decade ago (06.02.2009 11:53)
Reply by: OminousJune
My general rule of thumb is not to change to a new version until it has been out for at least a year... usually by then they have the bugs worked out. IE7 seems to be smooth enough for me until it is a must to change to 8. Firefox used to freeze up on this site back in 05 or 06... lol Cool
1 decade ago (08.02.2009 09:46)
Reply by: mickeblue
I think the answer is in the question mate. I was recently given a new reg key for Aston ( and I´d love to get back into that great desktop )... it´s IE based, and that´s where the OS cracks up. I get shut out because the application can´t think sideways... Firefox can.

Unfortunately Gladiators build the software around Windows apps...
1 decade ago (18.02.2009 06:27)
Reply by: PearlDrop
Im still using IE6! hehe Grin
1 decade ago (21.02.2009 03:31)
Reply by: kchristine
I´m at IE7 and won´t go to IE8 until it is out of the beta stage.