Problems applying a skin

morsusmihi / 1 decade ago (29 November 2008 07:54)

I downloaded the American McGee's Alice 1.9.2 by ZoidZZX today and I can't figure out how to apply it. I decompressed the file with WinRAR and now have absolutely no idea what I'm supposed to do. Any help would be much appreciated.

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1 decade ago (29.11.2008 08:51)
Reply by: morsusmihi
Never mind...I figured it out.
1 decade ago (29.11.2008 12:37)
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Great! clap
1 decade ago (29.11.2008 09:46)
Reply by: etype2
1 decade ago (30.11.2008 02:36)
Reply by: mickeblue
Brilliant command of English as well... I take my hat off to you Sir clap
1 decade ago (18.01.2009 09:23)
Reply by: cpfiler
don´t feel bad i need help to i can´t get any to work Sad
1 decade ago (29.01.2009 09:29)
Reply by: dany7zburatoru
how i apply the skins
1 decade ago (18.03.2009 11:07)
Reply by: MzRobinson
I would like to think that somewhere on this site there would be an answer to that problem. I understand that the person figured out the answer to their problem but posting the solution would still be helpful to those that don´t know the answer to that question. I found this post/forum to be very unhelpful! Angry
1 decade ago (20.03.2009 08:16)
Reply by: Yrgal
You guys are kidding , right? Of course you will get all the help you need regarding applying skins. How about a simple question and may I suggest a little, politeness and a smile? Wink
1 decade ago (22.03.2009 11:37)
Reply by: adni18
Thanks Jan Happy