Pretty amazing

mickeblue / 1 decade ago (21 November 2008 03:40)

This guy must hace darned good eyesight LOl ~

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1 decade ago (22.11.2008 01:45)
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That is remarkable. I sent this link to a few of my contacts as they will enjoy this. Amazing stuff!!

Thanks for sharing this Mick! clap clap clap
1 decade ago (21.11.2008 07:24)
Reply by: jazzilady
Wow! He´s got very steady hands too! I can´t imagine why anyone would pay 20 Million for the collection! lol
1 decade ago (22.11.2008 01:28)
Reply by: sed
Freakin Amazing!!! With the amount of ZOOMERS at skinbase Im surprised anyone would see these!! Grin Grin Grin Grin clap