Wanna have some fun?

sed / 1 decade ago (27 October 2008 01:07)

In your Artwork Manager you have Uploads Manager, Submit Your Work, ETC. BUT also My Gallery!
I spent an hour laughing at myself last nite reading my oldest to newest, and seeing what I wrote for Descriptions. I made a description on my very first submission that was sO NEWBIE I got chills!
Go ahead and have some fun you EXPERTS! At one time you were a newbie too

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1 decade ago (27.10.2008 01:38)
Reply by: sed
Let me re-Interate [BIG WORD] Go to SKIN STATISTICS.. Duh!
1 decade ago (28.10.2008 10:41)
Reply by: jazzilady
Oh man, that is fun! I can remember my first submission and I was so nervous!! People started to download it and I eased up a bit, what an experience!! LOL
1 decade ago (06.11.2008 07:13)
Reply by: mickeblue
DidnĀ“t realise you had such a cruel streak dude LOL LOL LOL LOL Cool clap LOL