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rxlooterz / 1 decade ago (26 October 2008 06:17)

So...i just downloaded the Coversutra skin and applied it with DesktopX and it gave me something that was totally different from the picture. Instead of the wasteland-ish look of the skin on the website i got a close-up of a leaf with dew on it. It's a good picture, but it's not really what i wanted. Any ideas?

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1 decade ago (26.10.2008 06:49)
Reply by: etype2
If you are referring to this link: [LINK]

You may have to downloasd the wallpaper seperatly.Just guessing at this point. I like this very much and will download it to see what you are talking about. Happy
1 decade ago (27.10.2008 01:36)
Reply by: etype2
You need to download the wallpaper in the screenshot from the link provided, save it to a folder, then click on my computer, retrieve the file, right click on it and add to desktop. Your in business. It´s a very nice skin. Happy clap