Hello Kitty Valentine 2K6

Mariie19 / 1 decade ago (25 October 2008 01:24)

how can I download this nice Skin?

There is only a Download link for a jpg Picture.


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1 decade ago (25.10.2008 06:43)
Reply by: etype2
Mariie19: It is only a screenshot. Happy
1 decade ago (25.10.2008 07:05)
Reply by: sed
Right Click and save?? lol lol lol
1 decade ago (26.10.2008 04:01)
Reply by: mickeblue
What are we talking about here? Cool
1 decade ago (26.10.2008 06:22)
Reply by: etype2
ChickieĀ“s Screenshot: [LINK]

1 decade ago (26.10.2008 06:30)
Reply by: etype2
...it is not a skin. Chickie makes screenshots. Happy
1 decade ago (06.11.2008 04:09)
Reply by: aewjo
1 decade ago (06.11.2008 07:04)
Reply by: mickeblue
Looks like a Windowblinds with a couple of widgets. Cool