logon studio log on screen color issue´s

lelouch / 1 decade ago (24 October 2008 04:14)

i hope some one here can help me because this is driving me nuts, i have been using logonstudio to change my log on screen everything was going good had no problems worked like a charm , until a few hour's ago i went to switch user's and was waiting for my log on screen to pop up but i waited and waited until i got sick of waiting and turned off the power to my computer when the computer booted back up i had no logon screen just the very simple type user name here and password, so i did that when my desktop booted up i got a error saying my window log on was missing a file or file's could not be found, and since then my log on screen's look like they got 8 bits of color and look terrible you can barely make out anything and no matter what log on screen i put on it looks like that except the original boring windows log on screen, so if you knows the problem please help if not do you know of a good tech forums i could go to for help?

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1 decade ago (24.10.2008 04:19)
Reply by: lelouch
i took a pic of my log on screen, this is my problem in all of its ugly glory.
1 decade ago (24.10.2008 04:22)
Reply by: lelouch
oh yea i forgot to mention im on windows xp.
1 decade ago (12.02.2010 12:38)
Reply by: ghram
LogonStudio is a software app that was developed by Stardock. This application is similar to the BootSkin application, discussed previously, in that it does not modify the system files. Although this method is [url=[LINK]]70-680 exam[/url] very simple to use, the Welcome screens must be designed to work with LogonStudio. This is not a big deal, because there are hundreds of Welcome screens that people already made for this program, but users will find that they will not be able to use any of the thousands of Welcome screens made from hacked system files. Depending on what Welcome screen you like, you may or may not be able to use it with this program.