log on screen messed up

zalin2000 / 1 decade ago (22 October 2008 04:53)


i am going to try my best to explain my problem, my problem is my log on screen is displaying in 8 bits color and it looks terrible, the problem is my default monitor is programed to a integrated video card that i removed when i put my radeon card in witch is a plug and play monitor in other words its monitor 2 my default is monitor 1 so anything that use's monitor 1 such as my log on screen is all messed up and i dont even see anything when my computer is booting up until my ugly log on screen pops up, so what i want to do is switch my default monitor from my integrated video card to my new radeon how can i do this?

i hope some one can understand this >.>

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1 decade ago (23.10.2008 11:21)
Reply by: sed
WOW!! Lost me... Sorry Grin