Im a noob when it comes to PC´s could someone help with advice please, thanks.

Orguss02 / 1 decade ago (19 October 2008 03:11)

ok i downloaded a couple of cursors but i dont know how to use them.
Bare with me...i double click the file and it says open with ... what do i open it with and how do i use these cursors?. please help me! thanks

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1 decade ago (19.10.2008 03:16)
Reply by: Orguss02
And there are some seriously sexy desktop themes, how do i use those to?
1 decade ago (19.10.2008 03:22)
Reply by: Orguss02
Could someone give me a step by step on how to use and install themes and cursors please Happy
1 decade ago (19.10.2008 06:04)
Reply by: Orguss02
Ok so i have downloaded a cursor set and extracted it to a temp fie...? they are all png images, there are no exe. files only PNG images and a winRAR archive thing? any ideas on what to do? OhWell
1 decade ago (19.10.2008 11:15)
Reply by: adni18
Read this: [LINK] Wink