domi001 / 1 decade ago (13 September 2008 06:37)

I have a LogonStudio on my computer. But skins I download are .jpeg and I don't know how to change them from .jpeg to .logonxp because I have Windows XP. What should I do?
PS: sorry for my english Hope You understand.

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1 decade ago (14.09.2008 10:35)
Reply by: adni18
I guess you download the preview of the LogonXP, with right click on it.
You should use the download button, the one with the orange arrow and the hard disk Wink
1 decade ago (15.09.2008 12:05)
Reply by: domi001
But it doesn´t matter. It´s always .jpg I tried to change it myslef(I mean to write.logonxp), but it is still .jpg
1 decade ago (15.09.2008 04:05)
Reply by: mickeblue
Can you be more specific about which files you are trying to install?
1 decade ago (18.09.2008 02:33)
Reply by: domi001
I think I´ve finaly found the reason. Grin Thanks for help Happy