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Frankief / 1 decade ago (22 August 2008 06:44)

I can't help but notice that the quality of the preview images through the zoom function do not present a true representation of the quality of the original submission. Some of my submissions appear choppy and the smoothness is gone from the edges of the image. I have compared the preview with other sites I post on and they don't look the same here. Any thoughts on why this is the case? The downloaded image appears normal. I have noticed this on others submissions also.

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1 decade ago (22.08.2008 07:18)
Reply by: mikelly
Frankief try using .png for your preview image,It works for me Happy
1 decade ago (22.08.2008 08:07)
Reply by: adni18
Nothing wrong with the preview Frankief, it is the browser who makes automatically and temporary the preview smaller and therefore not smooth, if it doesn´t feet exactly to the screen you are viewing.
Try to send previews with maximum size 1024, which is the minimum monitor resolution nowadays.

With FireFox, right click on the preview, and from the pop-up menu choose "View Image" and then use the magnify glass and you will see it perfect.
With Internet Explorer, click in the bottom right corner the magnify glass and you will see the correct size.

This is an example of what I am saying: [LINK] Wink
1 decade ago (22.08.2008 09:26)
Reply by: Frankief
I see what you are saying from the link but I would think most users here don´t know that and they wouldn´t get a true view of what the image looks like unless they down loaded it to view on their particular monitor. I was just curious why this is the case here. I am using Maxthon and don´t have this distortion on other sites.
1 decade ago (22.08.2008 09:37)
Reply by: Frankief
So I deleted it and resent with the 1024 preview instead of the wide view. Should I have done that?
1 decade ago (22.08.2008 04:24)
Reply by: sed
This is an issue I have been covering at basehead.... PM city!! The preview size IS very important. I have no comments here but I will be watching the answers cuz its more important to a lot of people than ya think. Its on a lot of minds! lol
1 decade ago (22.08.2008 07:36)
Reply by: Frankief
Gee, Sed, I thought I was the only one! I know that from the preview through zoom, there are alot of walls that I, personally, would not download as they seem distorted and not smooth at all. Since I have cable, it is no problem for me to download and preview but all folks aren´t going to do that. There isn´t an option to magnify through Maxthon that I know of.
1 decade ago (22.08.2008 07:56)
Reply by: Frankief
So, I just tried this with Iexplore and at 100% the preview is only 1224x979 not 1280x1024 and it does not display properly! So why doesn´t the zoom display with the correct properties?
1 decade ago (22.08.2008 11:30)
Reply by: kchristine
I tried the little magnifying glass trick on IE7. My glass is at 100% so I put it at 125% and things look pretty darn good.
1 decade ago (22.08.2008 11:34)
Reply by: kchristine
I also meant to say, Frankie, that I looked at yours specifically at 100% and saw no roughness. They are all very smooth and very well done.
1 decade ago (24.08.2008 06:24)
Reply by: mickeblue
Got to say there are no problems here... even looking at your earlier stuff ( which I´m ashamed to say I seem to have missed ) it appears as clear as crystal... but I always open the image to full size even though it means using the scrollbar....

I´m still using 1024 on my teenie weenie screen, but donations for a larger screen would be gratefully received . LOL
1 decade ago (25.08.2008 12:31)
Reply by: stramp
I second that mickeblue! I could use some donations too. I´m at 1280 a smige better. We could start a Monitor Foundation Fund! LOL LOL

mickeblue says
I´m still using 1024 on my teenie weenie screen, but donations for a larger screen would be gratefully received .