UPLOADS MANAGER a great tool at SkinBase

etype2 / 1 decade ago (17 August 2008 11:19)

Did you know you can fix typos in the description you wrote for your work?

You uploaded a wallpaper,but you made an improvement to it and now you would like the latest version to show without resubmitting.

YOU CAN DO IT. Use the Upload Manager which can be found in the upper right hand margin under Artwork Manager. Just click on you title,the Manager will bring up a thumb, the description and will allow you to change the file and screenshot. Happy clap

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1 decade ago (18.08.2008 03:44)
Reply by: adni18
Good idea to mention it Marshall! Congratulation
1 decade ago (22.08.2008 07:44)
Reply by: stramp
This is a PLUS and a fantastic time saver! I´m glad you all had the foresight to allow this function. How many times have we suddenly dicovered after we hit that upload buttom- OMG I forgot this. This is the #1 tool on this site. And I thank you for it! I am guilty of one fingered typing. Lol clap clap clap Booming love Booming love Booming love
1 decade ago (30.08.2008 04:54)
Reply by: etype2
Me to! Kudos to the admins. Happy clap clap clap Booming love Booming love
1 decade ago (04.09.2008 11:31)
Reply by:
I used this feature to fix a spelling error in a title of latest upload and it worked fine. Very useful indeed!

clap clap clap