resoltion size and resizing

ThaFiyaStarta / 1 decade ago (10 August 2008 08:31)

I have my resolution set very high on my camera.
Will I loose quality in the photo if I resize (downsize) the photo in photoshop??

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1 decade ago (10.08.2008 08:45)
Reply by: sed
Most people will press the download button to get the full size you intend.... In preview you can submit a jpeg in a smaller size proportionately to fit ... You really dont lose much to view to the naked eye... Most know the file contains the full size!
1 decade ago (10.08.2008 09:07)
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Sed is absolutely correct, and do add my 2 cents worth - I re-size mine to 1280x960. On most monitors there is no visible difference to the full size version to the eye. However, in doing so, you may lose a bit of sharpness - but this can be corrected in PS. I upload here for people to use my images for a desktop background, or to view. For that simple reason, there is no need of going higher on the resolution. I hope that helps.
1 decade ago (10.08.2008 09:47)
Reply by: etype2
To insure you keep your quality,convert the master file to lossless BMP format,that way you can resize to any smaller resolution and you will preserve the pristine quality of the orginal/master.

If you need to upload final resized image in high quality but need smaller file,PNG format works well. Happy
1 decade ago (11.08.2008 01:24)
Reply by: stramp
Great information THX! Happy
1 decade ago (15.08.2008 04:53)
Reply by: mickeblue
Funnily enough I saw a similar posting this afternoon on Harold Heims´ site ( look it up for yourself ~ if you haven´t already got it bookmarked you should be ashamed of yourself )...

The answer is "no".... the higher you set the resolution of your capture, the better it will be interpreted by a good piece of software when you scale down [ ie PS ] ( assuming, of course that you are scaling down ~ scale up and it will look like 5H17 )
1 decade ago (01.09.2008 07:59)
Reply by: netwolf56
My way of working is to shoot in RAW format then re-size in Photoshop using "save for web and devices" under the file menu at 1024x768 100% quality. Also there´s an option to re-size using bicubic sharpen...i check that. If i like the photo, I save the raw file of it in case i need to print it or use it in another way.

1 decade ago (02.09.2008 03:47)
Reply by: etype2
Thanks for sharing this information, netwolf56. Happy clap clap